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Although actually it's not just for Christmas. Like a puppy, this is potentially for life, your life, which we can help you change in 2015.

I appreciate that's quite a claim, but this is no pair of socks or an ugly jumper, we're offering you a new business and we have a new offering.

Earlier this year we spent some time having a good hard look at our franchise offering. We understand how difficult a decision it is to start a business and how many hurdles people come up against when they're looking to do so. We wanted to make this easier and the best way we could think of doing this was to invest our franchise fee into your business. Overall, this means a huge 45% saving on our previous offering.

Sound too good to be true? Well unlike all the mulled wine you'll probably be drinking over the next few weeks this won't leave a bitter taste in your mouth or give you a headache. It's for real, we really have improved our offering this much.

What's more, we don't just chuck our new franchisees in at the deep end and let them sink or swim, we offer them full training and ongoing support. Plus you'll be part of a huge network of other franchisees who have all been in the same position as you and all have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.

So if you thought you didn't have enough money to be part of Signs Express or thought that this was a risky decision, we've made it as easy and as secure as we possibly can and would love to talk to you about it further.

Give us a call or drop us a line, and we ho ho hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. (The old ones are the best).
Christmas giftsChristmas gifts
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