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Congratulations to Kris Allen, Technical Manager at Single Source Ltd, who won the Signs Express competition in May 2015.

Kris won a voucher for tickets to a comedy show, which he kindly gave to his colleague, Carrie Fulcher, who has worked tirelessly in her free time to found the UK side of the non-profit organisation, Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartomas.

Hypothalamic Hamartomas (HH) is a benign tumor-like malformation in the brain, which causes a syndrome characterised by epilepsy, laughing seizures, developmental & cognitive problems, behavioural problems and endocrine disturbances that commonly present themselves as early puberty. This distressing condition is relatively rare and often misdiagnosed, which is why it is a largely unheard of affliction.

After witnessing Carrie's daily struggle with seizures, Kris decided to give her his prize tickets as a surprise and took her to meet Gary Wolchover – owner of Signs Express (Telford) – to collect her prize. Upon hearing the plight of HH sufferers like Carrie, Gary decided to improve awareness of the cause by offering promotional signage.

At over two metres tall and almost a metre wide, the portable roller banner stand can be used at all types of conferences and meetings to promote awareness of the condition and the organisation. Hope gives sufferers and their families the help and advice they need to cope with the condition, as well as furthering medical research through the organisation's collaborations and professional resources.

Gary voiced his respect for Carrie and the reasons why he wanted to help out: 'I cannot comprehend how difficult the condition must be to manage. Even though Carrie had to undergo conscious brain surgery almost two years ago she continues to support Hope for HH UK, as well as work at Single Source, which is amazing in itself. She also remains positive and turns all of these experiences into learning for fellow sufferers. The fact that she has not let her condition rule her life is truly tremendous and the hope that she alone gives to fellow sufferers is well-worth supporting.'

Celebrating their 21st year in business, Signs Express (Telford) has supplied premium signage solutions to areas in and around Telford for over 2 decades, building a solid reputation for excellent customer service and quality signage.
Carrie Fulcher collecting the Roller Banner from Gary WolchoverCarrie Fulcher collecting the Roller Banner from Gary Wolchover
Carrie Fulcher and Kris Allen collecting the tickets from Gary at Signs Express (Telford)Carrie Fulcher and Kris Allen collecting the tickets from Gary at Signs Express (Telford)
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