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There are many benefits to running your own business, being your own boss, flexibility and financial rewards to name just a few, but one of the best is the freedom to choose who you work with, and sometimes that's your family.

Family is one of the main reasons many people look to start a business, whether to leave a legacy, build a strong career to support their family, or indeed to start a business where their family can also find secure employment. Our 70 strong network of franchisees is no exception.

We have many husband and wife partnerships, as well as children becoming part of the business too. For some, this would seem a terrible idea, constant niggles and fights ('son, you were due in at 8:30, what time do you call this?!'), arguing over who gets to do what ('Mum, you ALWAYS give me the rubbish jobs!!'), criticism over your business attire ('oh Dad, why do you have to wear your trousers so high, you're SOOO embarrassing!!') but our franchisees and their teams ensure us that this is not the case. Their top tips for working with family? We've put the best together for you.

1) Keep your home life out of work

It's tempting to talk about what's for dinner, how the kids are doing in school, when you're next visiting Bob and Sue and do you REALLY have to play Trivial Pursuit with them again? All that stuff should be talked about, but not at work. Equally, domestic disagreements should be left at home, when you're at work, you're at work, it's time to be professional and civil (even though you're always the one who has to take the dog for a walk when it rains!!)

2) And keep your work life out of the home

Just as important is leaving work at work. It's so easy for all conversation to become about your career when you own a business; it is of course a huge part of your life. But so is home life, so it's vital to make a conscious effort to separate the two whenever possible and enjoy being away from work.

3) Make family time

When you're really struggling (and even when you're not) take time out, take a weekend break away, go for a long walk in the countryside, try a new activity. Sometimes taking yourself out of the day to day routine of home/work/home/work can be just what you need to re-charge your batteries and relationship, whether that be husband and wife, parent and child, siblings etc.

4) Resolve work stresses and disagreements as you would with any other colleague

Now I don't know about you, but sometimes when I argue with my parents I turn into a stroppy teenager again, or if it's with my other half, I pull up niggles from arguments long past (women forget NOTHING, remember that gents!). However in a work environment that's not the way forward. Any disagreements, issues, stresses, challenging tasks should be discussed and handled in the same way as they would be with any colleague, the fact that you're discussing it with your brother/mother/son etc should be left out of it.

So, can families work together? Well, we think yes, it can actually be an ideal situation. Just remember to be considerate and fair. Same as you would with any colleague.

Muuuuuummmmm, can I borrow a fiver for lunch?!

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