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Signs Express (Falkirk) for the last few years has made the generous decision to donate money at Christmas time to charity and with the support of their customers use the budget set aside for client corporate gifts in order to make this donation possible. Christmas, after all is a time to spread joy to all, especially people in need and what better way than to make a donation to a worthy cause and help those who really need it.

Christmas 2013 saw Signs Express (Falkirk) choose a charity supporting a disease recently featured in the news and which has now caught the attention of the G8 leaders at the recent summit. This disease is dementia, for which at the moment there is no cure. Funds are needed to go towards research with the aim to understanding this disease better, before an effective plan can be formed to start tackling what is becoming an ever more serious issue in our society.

Alzheimer's Scotland received the annual £1000 donation from Signs Express (Falkirik) in order to help with this much needed research. The charity is Scotland's leading dementia organisation and campaign for the rights of people with dementia and their families, providing an extensive range of innovative and personalised support whilst also helping to fund research to better understand and finding a cure.

Dementia is an illness which affects the brain, it is unprejudiced and can strike any one at any time. Symptoms are as individual as the patients it attacks, depending on that persons personality and the area of the brain which becomes damaged, and therefore support and care needs to be structured and developed around each persons needs and not the illness.

Families can find it increasingly difficult to watch a loved one develop Alzheimer's and slowly deteriorate, which is why Alzheimer's Scotland focus on offering support not just to the patients but also their families. Knowing that they have professional, caring people to talk to can be a great relief and also hugely beneficial as coping methods and proper care techniques can be taught to ensure that everybody is looked after as best they can be.

Alzheimer's Scotland was chosen as the 2013 charity to receive the Christmas gift as Signs Express (Falkirk) believe more needs to be done to find a cure for this disease whilst providing continuing support for existing sufferers.

If you would like more information on the support which Alzheimer's Scotland can offer, please visit their website:, or if you would like to find out about the other charities Signs Express (Falkirk) has supported in the past, please get in touch with them. Signs Express (Falkirk) supply vehicle graphics, exterior signs, interior signs, window graphics, exhibition displays, PVC banners, labels and stickers, health & safety signs in Falkirk and the surrounding areas.

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