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We were having a philosophical conversation about luck in the office the other day and whether there is such a thing. It was an interesting topic, hearing everyone's differing views, and it got me thinking about the whole concept of luck in business.

You see people who have had their 'big break' and attribute it largely to luck. I think they're underselling themselves. Whilst it may be true that some people and businesses are just in the right place at the right time, would they be successful if what they were offering was rubbish? My money is on no.

My money would be on the idea that the people who started these businesses worked pretty damn hard on them in the first place. Designing a product or service that would impress and help people, getting themselves in front of the people that matter, whether they be customers or investors. And I doubt it was coincidence that they met these people, you move in the right circles, you get your name out there in any way you can. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and so is having a great product or service.

Our business was built on strong foundations when co-founders David Corbett and Frank Eliel saw a gap in the market, initially for a new signwriting business in Norwich and then secondly for a franchise. It's no feat of luck that we're now the largest signs and graphics franchise in the UK and Ireland, it's through blood sweat and tears, knowing our products and services like the back of our hands and dedication to moving forward within our industry.

I do think you can have 'lucky moments' – bumping into the customer you've been chasing for ages over coffee at a networking event or managing to get your hands on your dream premises following another company deciding to move. But this isn't truly luck. In fact I would argue that in business there's no such thing.

So sorry guys, you're gonna have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

If you're prepared to put in some good old fashioned hard work but as part of an amazing network, please do get in touch.
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