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We talk a lot here at Signs Express about the support you get as a franchisee. But what does that actually involve, and what departments do we have to help you? Here's a run-down of them and a bit about what they do to help you:


Our procurement department is in place to make sure that you get the best supplier prices details, and that those suppliers can be trusted and relied upon. Although your franchise is your business, there is the bonus that as a large group, we can get some fantastic nationally negotiated prices for every day consumables and materials. We also agree seasonal deals with them to help you promote offers to your customers and keep that business coming through the door.

National Accounts

Another benefit of having a national network is that we can help national customers. Our National Accounts team are there to seek out clients who have requirements across the UK and Ireland and to get a process in place to bring the work to you whilst ensuring the client has a central point of contact making their lives easier. So essentially, you just need to sit back and let the orders come in with these particular clients! Everyone's a winner!


Our marketing team will do everything from getting your website up and running, to helping you with your marketing plans, to designing flyers, to art-working adverts for you. They've also made sure there is a wealth of helpful material available to you on the company's intranet, called the Franchiseenet. No task is too big or small and they're a lovely, helpful bunch full of fantastic ideas to bring business to you…

…Is it that obvious that I work in marketing?


'Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?' We've all heard that from the technical help desk right? Well thankfully our IT guys are a bit more helpful than that…although sometimes that is the answer to the problem! The IT team ensures that whatever your issue, they are on hand to help, making the operations side of your business run as smoothly as possible.


Our accounts team do magical things to help our franchisees, with everything from internal systems support, to Sage, to balancing the books, to figuring out confusing figures, they make sure your pennies are where they should be!

Business Development

Sometimes, especially when you're starting out, you need a hand to get things going, although we don't just leave it there. Our business development manager travels the country to wherever he's needed and puts plans in place to help you get the best out of your business. Sometimes a fresh eye can be a fantastic thing in giving your business that little boost it needs.


Our operations team are in place to make sure you have help with things like HR, health and safety and legal advice, they'll even help you find the right premises. Basically they'll give you whatever help you need and make sure you have peace of mind.

So hopefully that gives you an idea of what us lot at Franchise HQ do. If this sounds like the kind of support you'd like to be getting for your business, why not give us a call? We all also love a good chinwag.
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