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If you haven't thought of one yet, we've come up with a few that we could help you with. So no excuses, get your resolutions made!

1. Improve my work/life balance

If you found yourself slaving over your laptop at 9pm on Christmas Eve, weeping over the mince pies and mulled wine you should be sharing with your family and cursing that client who just won't leave you alone, it might be time for a change. There's no denying that franchising is hard work, but when it's your business, you get to decide when it's time work late, and when it's time to close the laptop and head to the pub or home to see your family.

2. Do a job that I really love

Oh gosh, we've all been there. That sinking feeling on a Sunday evening, the dread as you get in the car on Monday morning of what lies ahead for the day. That's no way to spend life. So maybe running your own business might just be the perfect career move for you, and as a franchisee the rewards are huge in so many ways. Which leads me nicely to my next resolution.

3. Be my own boss

Again, we've all been there…the boss from hell. Shouts for no reason, doesn't give credit where it's due, has no concept of just how much you actually do, the list goes on. But if you're your own boss, well, that solves that problem doesn't it?

4. Work with people that I WANT to work with

And the colleagues from hell! The jobs-worths, the lazy bones, the ones that quite frankly you would like to never EVER see again, let alone sit opposite all day. One of the wonders of being a franchisee is that you get to pick your own team, so you can be surrounded by hard-working, dedicated individuals who you'd quite happy share a chat and a pint with (or a G&T if you prefer, like me).

5. Make more money

Who wouldn't like a bit more money? Being a Signs Express franchisee isn't a get rich quick scheme, but with hard work and dedication it means a secure future and endless potential to make money. Imagine it now…that well-earned break in the Maldives, sipping a cool drink whilst you bask in the sun….ahh bliss.

If any of these resolutions resonate with you, get in touch and have a chat with us about your future, we'd love to hear from you.
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